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Use a custom buildpack

If you need to deploy a technology which is not supported by Scalingo, you can used an open-source buildpack or a buildpack you have developed.

To achieve this, you need to define the following environment variable in the environment of the concerned application: BUILDPACK_URL.



Then during the deployment, you’ll be able to see:

<-- Start deployment of my-app -->
-----> Cloning custom buildpack: ''

-- SNIP --

If you need to test a branch of a custom buildpack different than master, specify its name at the end of the URL:


Build a custom buildpack

Our execution stack is public and can be found as a docker image on the Docker Hub Its name is scalingo/builder:latest. The base image is based on Ubuntu 14.04, so you’ll find every tool from the ubuntu:14.04 docker image.

docker pull scalingo/builder
docker run --interactive --tty -v /path/to/custom-buildpack:/buildpack scalingo/builder:latest bash

Then if you need to build third-party binaries, you’ll be assured that they will work on our platform.

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