Wkhtmltopdf Buildpack

Purpose of This Buildpack

This is a buildpack that installs wkhtmltopdf into a container image.

You may find useful to use such a tool as part of your web application. Hence, we developed a specific buildpack to ease the installation of this tool. Such a buildpack should be used as part of a multi-buildpack.


Please be aware that this software is known to have different rendering depending on the installed version. This buildpack installs a specific version known to work on our infrastructure that might render things differently than your local installation.

Set up This Buildpack for Your Application

We describe in this section the different step to reproduce in order to use this buildpack depending on the technology you use.

You need to setup your application to use a multi-buildpack environment. Then, your application need both the wkhtmltopdf buildpack and the one for the technology you use in your application. Here is an example using the Ruby buildpack:

$ echo 'https://github.com/Scalingo/wkhtmltopdf-buildpack' >> .buildpacks
$ echo 'https://github.com/Scalingo/ruby-buildpack' >> .buildpacks
$ git add .buildpacks
$ git commit -m 'Add multi-buildpack'

You find a comprehensive list of our buildpacks on this page.

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Wkhtmltopdf Buildpack

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