Integrate the open-source Parse server with your iOS app


Parse is shutting down the 28th January 2017, and all their users have to migrate their backend to some place else. Hopefully the Parse team open-sourced their server which ease a lot this process. This article will details how to

Deploying Parse open-source server

Deploying the server is as simple as clicking here:

One click

Follow the instructions, fill the MASTER_KEY and APP_ID variables and the server ([] will be deployed on Scalingo in a minute and you can start working with it directly.

Integrate the deployed server to your iOS app

Get the credentials

Once your server has been deployed, it is reachable at the URL: https://<appname> The credentials for your server have been defined before the deployment, if you need to recover them, they can be found on your dashboard in the ‘Environment’ tab, or with our command line tool:

scalingo --app <appname> env

Look at the variables:

  • APP_ID

They represents the credentials to you Parse server instance.

Configure iOS SDK

The following snippet shows you how to configure your parse integration:

[ParseinitializeWithConfiguration:[ParseClientConfigurationconfigurationWithBlock:^(id<ParseMutableClientConfiguration> _Nonnull configuration) {
  configuration.applicationId = @"<APP_ID>";
  configuration.server= @"https://<appname>";
  configuration.clientKey = @"";

Note that the clientKey has to be kept empty when using your own server. That’s it, your app will be able to communicate with your own Parse service.

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Integrate the open-source Parse server with your iOS app

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