Application external testing

Testing my application that is running on Scalingo

Can I run a load test on my application that is running on Scalingo?

You can run a load test / smoke test / endurance test on your application under the following conditions:

  • Ask the support using support [at] or use the support chat
  • You should communicate the metrics of your test to the support (number of connections…)
  • The test should only be run during business hours - 09:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00 (CET/CEST, Europe/Paris timezone)
  • The test should have specific start and end hours

I want to have a pentest on my application that is running on Scalingo, what do I do?

A pentest (or intrusion test) is a professional service that you hire to find vulnerabilities in your application.

Such service offer is governed by an agreement which engages all three parties involved: the customer, the pentesting company and Scalingo. This document defines specifically the scope of the pentesting, its duration, and give several restrictions.

For example:

  • Restriction to the application and databases of the user
  • Should not disrupt the normal working of the platform
  • No use of social engineering, physical intrusion…

Procedure to follow

  1. Send the authorization document (signed by the customer and the pentesting service provider) to the Security Team at the address security [at]
  2. We will reply within 7 business days to give you the authorization or suggest you another time period if there are already too many pentests scheduled at this date
  3. Let your service provider do the job
  4. If there are any items in the report that would be of interest to Scalingo, please send us the information so that we can act accordingly

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Application external testing

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