Restore your Database Backup

If your database is in a paid plan (i.e. it’s not “free plan”), Scalingo makes automated backups of your database on a daily basis. During your application lifetime, you might feel the need to restore your database at a previous state. We will guide you through the different steps to download a specific backups and restore the database with its content.

As an example we use a MongoDB database but these instructions do not differ a lot for different databases.

Download Automated Backups

Automated backups are listed in the database specific dashboard.

  1. Go to your app on Scalingo Dashboard
  2. Click on Addons tab
  3. Click Dashboard open_in_new which will take you to the MongoDB dashboard
  4. Click on Backups tab
  5. Download the backup you want

Restore the Backup

We now start a one-off container and upload the downloaded backup into it:

$ scalingo -a my-app run --file 20180727110302_my-app-3519.tar.gz bash

The file is uploaded to the /tmp/uploads directory. Extract the content of the archive in the one-off:

[one-off] $ tar xvfz /tmp/uploads/20190727110302_my-app-3519.tar.gz

Then restore the backup. In order to do that you first need to download your database client (replace mongo with your database type):

[one-off] $ dbclient-fetcher mongo
[one-off] $ mongorestore -u <username> -p <password> -h <host>:<port> -d <db> ./my-app-3519

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