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Child application

You may want to create an application that inherit from an existing application. To ease this action, we created an endpoint on our API to create a child application.

When creating a child application, the following elements are cloned:

  • Environment variables
  • Addons
  • Collaborators
  • Notifications settings

This feature can be very interesting to implement your own Review Apps for codes that are not hosted on GitHub.

Deployment of a child app

When you create a child app of an application, it inherits resources from its parent app, but you still need to deploy it.

It can be done thanks to a git push:

# child app name is 'child-app-1'
git remote add child-app-1
git push child-app-1 master

Or you can use our API to directly deploy an archive from GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket according to your setup.

The API documentation to trigger this deployment can be found here:

Example with GitLab

The following script lets you create and deploy a child app from any GitLab instance:

export AUTH_TOKEN=<scalingo auth token>
export APP=<scalingo app name>
export GITLAB_TOKEN=<gitlab auth token>

./child-app-gitlab.rb my-child-app-1 user/my-private-app development-branch


Deployment started (56b226d9-dcab-42cb-bb70-f3ad13beb5b5) for my-child-app-1, waiting.............
Deployment of app 'my-child-app-1' finished with status 'success'
URL is:

Child apps for <scalingo app name>:
* my-child-app-1 (58d2a7416547b65316b6690e) -

Here is the code of the child-app-gitlab.rb script:

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