Child Application

You may want to create an application that inherit from an existing application. To ease this action, we created an endpoint on our API to create a child application.

A child application inherits some properties of the parent app:

  • the stack
  • the owner

This feature can be very interesting to implement your own Review Apps for codes that are not hosted on officially supported SCM tools.

Deployment of a Child App

Creating a child app does not deploy it. You can deploy it with:

# child app name is 'child-app-1'
git remote add child-app-1
git push child-app-1 master

Note that the remote URL depends on the region of your application. You can get it using our CLI with:

scalingo --app child-app-1 git-show

Or you can use our API to directly deploy an archive (.tar.gz).

The API documentation to trigger this deployment can be found here

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Child Application

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