Deploy to Scalingo from Codeship

To setup Continuous Deployment from Codeship to Scalingo, please follow the following steps. You can read more about Deployment Pipelines on the Codeship documentation.

Setup a Deployment Pipeline

On Codeship:

  1. Go to the Deployment page of your project.
  2. Add a new deployment pipeline by choosing the branch you want to deploy from.
  3. Choose Custom Script deployment type.
  4. Fill the deployment commands:
git fetch --unshallow || true
git push --force ${CI_COMMIT_ID}:master

Note that the remote URL depends on the region of your application. You can get it using our CLI with:

scalingo --app my-app git-show

Or you can use the deployments/ script provided by Codeship.

SSH Keys

To deploy to Scalingo from Codeship, you’ll have to add the public key generated by Codeship to the SSH Keys page on Scalingo dashboard. You can find this public key in the General page of your Codeship project.

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Deploy to Scalingo from Codeship

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