Scalingo is available on multiple regions. Here is the list of publicly available regions:

Name Provider API Endpoint Dashboard Database API Endpoint
osc-fr1 3DS Outscale link link link
osc-secnum-fr1 3DS Outscale link link link

It is possible to migrate applications and data between regions.

The osc-secnum-fr1 region is only available upon request on the support.

Accessing a Specific Region

Using the Web Dashboard

When using the web dashboard at, you will automatically be redirected to the region you have access to. If your account has access to multiple regions, a selection screen will be presented to let you chose which region you want to use:

You can also directly head to a region’s dashboard:

Using the CLI

If you use the CLI to manage your app, all commands now have the flag --region to specify the region you want to use.

You can list all the regions with scalingo regions:

$ scalingo regions
|      NAME      |            DISPLAY             |              API ENDPOINT               |
| osc-fr1        | Paris - Outscale               |        |
| osc-secnum-fr1 | Paris - SecNumCloud - Outscale | |

Changing the CLI default region

You can set the default region in the CLI with the command scalingo config --region $REGION_NAME. For example to use the region osc-fr1 you can type: scalingo config --region osc-fr1.

You can also set the default region by defining the environment variable SCALINGO_REGION.

Difference Between Regions

Various elements change between the different regions. Here is the exhaustive list of the difference between the regions:

App Domain Name

  • osc-fr1:
  • osc-secnum-fr1:

SSH Endpoints

  • 3DS Outscale Paris:
    • SSH Hostname:
    • SSH Port: 22
  • 3DS Outscale Paris SecNumCloud:
    • SSH Hostname:
    • SSH Port: 22

API Endpoints

Database API Endpoints

Outgoing IP Addresses

The IP addresses of the traffic outgoing from Scalingo hosted applications depend on the region. The possible values are listed here.



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