Adminer is a web application to administrate various databases (MySQL®, PostgreSQL®, MongoDB® and Elasticsearch®). It can be seen as a phpMyAdmin for more than just MySQL® databases.

The application is available on the platform to use alongside your databases:

  • osc-fr1: Available at

  • osc-secnum-fr1: Not available for security reasons: only trusted users are allowed to deploy applications in this region. Adminer would be a way to reach internal databases without being authorized beforehand.

    Follow these instructions to connect directly to your database.

How to use Adminer

The Server, Username, Password and Database fields must be filled with the information in your SCALINGO_<DB type>_URL environment variable. This variable has the following form:

SCALINGO_<DB type>_URL=<scheme>://<username>:<password>@<server host>:<server port>/<DB name>

For example, if your variable is:


You need to fill the Adminer form with these values:

  • System: PostgreSQL,
  • Server:,
  • Username: app_5942,
  • Password: random_password,
  • Database: app_5942.

Note that the Server input must be in the form host:port.

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