Adminer is a web application to administrate various databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Elasticsearch). It can be seen as a phpMyAdmin for more than just MySQL databases.

The application is available on the platform to use alongside your databases:

The Server, Username, Password and Database fields must be filled with the information in your SCALINGO_<DB type>_URL environment variable. This variable has the following form:

SCALINGO_<DB type>_URL=<scheme>://<username>:<password>@<server host>:<server port>/<DB name>

For example, if your variable is:


You need to fill the Adminer form with these values:

  • System: PostgreSQL,
  • Server:,
  • Username: app_5942,
  • Password: random_password,
  • Database: app_5942.

Note that the Server input must be in the form host:port.

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