Free Trial

Free trial

When you create an account on Scalingo, you are given a free trial period to test the platform.

As long as you don’t want to go out of the limit of the free trial, you don’t have to give us your billing details nor payment methods.

What can I do under the free trial?

You can have a maximum of 1 application using a maximum of 5 containers (S or M size).

Review apps are considered as applications, so you can’t create one while in free trial.

You can add as many addons as you want, as long as they have free plans available.

How to break out of the free trial?

Enter a payment method on the web dashboard.

What happens at the end of the free trial?

3 days and 1 days before the end of the free trial, you will receive an email to notify you of the remaining days under the free trial.

If you don’t enter your payment details at the end of the free trial, your application will be automatically downscaled to 0 container and its addons will be paused.

Moreover, a set of restrictions will be applied automatically on your application. Consequently, you won’t be able to:

  • create a new application;
  • scale your application;
  • create, update or resume your addons;
  • launch new deployments;
  • run a one-off from your application;
  • run scheduled tasks (cron jobs).

These restrictions don’t apply on applications for which you are a collaborator as long as these applications are owned by a paying customer.

As soon as you enter payment details, the restrictions will be lifted, you will be able to scale your application back up and resume its addons. These operations must be done manually.

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Free Trial

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