Router Error Codes

List of error codes

Here is the list of error codes emitted by our routing layer:

  • 499 Client Closed Request: client closed the connection before the server answered the request. It is usually caused by client side timeout.
  • 502 Bad Gateway:
    • Your application sent an invalid response to our reverse proxy. This error is often sent when your application is abruptly cutting connections.
    • This is also the code when all containers are in quarantine. You can distinguish between these two cases based on the context. If you notice multiple consecutive requests returning a 502 error, it probably means one of your application containers is in quarantine.
  • 503 Service Unavailable:
    • The application requests queue is full, so the newly incoming request has not been dequeued.
    • The application has been stopped by its owner.
    • The application has no web container responding to web requests.
  • 504 Gateway Timeout: application behind the proxy timed out. Your application must accept connections and send the first byte in a limited amount of time.

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Router Error Codes

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