Container Sizes

Comparative Table

Name Memory CPU Priority PID Limit Price
S - Small 256MB Low 128 0.01€/h
M - Medium (Default) 512MB Standard 256 0.02€/h
L - Large 1GB Standard 512 0.04€/h
XL - eXtra Large 2GB High 1024 0.08€/h
2XL - eXtra eXtra Large 4GB High 2048 0.16€/h

Bigger container sizes are available upon request on the support. As a note, each new process requires a PID. And inside each process, each thread needs one too.

Availability of the Sizes

Our 30 days free trial only gives you access to small and medium containers, if you want to use another kind of size, please fill your billing profile and payment method.

Container Limits

Containers have various limits depending on their size. Here is a comprehensive list:

  • RAM: cf. above-mentioned table
  • Swap: twice the amount of RAM.
  • CPU access: all containers have access to all CPU cores. But higher priority means twice as much priority compared to standard priority. For example, consider three containers, one has a high priority and two others have a standard priority. When processes in all three containers attempt to use 100% of CPU, the first container would receive 50% of the total CPU time and the two others would receive 25%.
  • PID limits: from 128 (S) to 2048 (2XL).
  • Ulimit nofile: 10000. Maximum number of files an application can open.

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Container Sizes

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