Multi Buildpacks

Purpose of This Buildpack

You may need to combine several technologies in your project, this buildpack is here to fulfill this need.

Set up This Buildpack for Your Application

If your application contains a .buildpacks file at its root, our deployment system will automatically use this buildpack.

Choice of the Buildpacks To Use

Create a file named .buildpacks in your project which will define the buildpacks to use:

Add this file to your git repository:

git add .buildpacks
git commit -m "Setup .buildpacks for using multiple buildpacks on Scalingo"

Finally in this example, thanks to this method, both Node.js buildpack and Go buildpack will be applied on your project.

Can I Checkout a Custom Buildpack Branch


You have to use the syntax URL#branchname in your .buildpacks file:

Does the Buildpack Order Matter?


The multi buildpacks tries to detect the way to start your application from the last buildpack you are installing. As a result, if your application is a Node.js application and you need to run the Java buildpack to install a custom JDK. You need to have the Node.js buildpack last:

Without doing that, if you don’t have a Procfile, your application will fail to boot.

Deploy Your Application

git push scalingo master

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Multi Buildpacks

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