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Scala is officially supported on Scalingo.

It uses sbt 0.11.0+.


Example usage:

$ ls
Procfile build.sbt project src

$ scalingo create my-app

$ git push scalingo master
-----> Scala app detected
-----> Building app with sbt
-----> Running: sbt compile stage

The buildpack will detect your app as Scala if it has the project/ and either *.sbt in the root directory or project/*.scala or .sbt/*.scala. It vendors a version of sbt and your populated .ivy/cache into your container. The .ivy2 directory will be cached between builds to allow for faster build times.

Clean builds

In some cases, builds need to clean artifacts before compiling. If a clean build is necessary, configure builds to perform clean by setting SBT_CLEAN=true:

$ scalingo env-set SBT_CLEAN=true
SBT_CLEAN has been set to true.

All subsequent deploys will use the clean task. To remove the clean task, unset SBT_CLEAN:

$ scalingo env-unset SBT_CLEAN
SBT_CLEAN has been unset.


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