Setup SSH on Windows

Setup SSH is required to be able to push your code using git, to configure everything correctly, you need to install the terminal git-bash

1. Download and Install git-bash

You can download git-bash here and install it by selecting git-bash during the installation process.

2. Create a new SSH key pair

Git authentication is based on SSH, so you need to be able to authenticate with this technology, here is the guide how to do it. The following commands have to be written and executed in a ‘git-bash’ terminal, installed in the previous section.

$ cd $HOME
$ mkdir .ssh
$ cd .ssh
$ ssh-keygen.exe -t ed25519

Follow the instructions to generate a new SSH key pair. You will be asked to encrypt your private key with a password. This step is optional but for further security you may want to set one.

3. Add the public SSH key to Scalingo

To get the content of the public SSH key, you need to run the following command in git-bash:

$ cat $HOME/.ssh/

The file content should start with ssh-ed25519

Once you have the public key, go to Scalingo Dashboard SSH key section and create a new key with the content of the public key.

4. Check everything is working

Still in a git-bash terminal run the following command:

$ ssh.exe -T


$ ssh.exe -T

It should display the following output:

You've successfully authenticated on Scalingo, but there is no shell access

If it doesn’t, something has been done wrong, please recheck the different step of this guide.

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Setup SSH on Windows

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