Source Code Management Integration, Auto Deploy and Review Apps

Scalingo provides a deep integration with Source Code Management (SCM) tools such as GitHub and GitLab. It includes features like auto-deployment when the code is modified on the SCM repository, deploying directly from a branch, automatic building and deployment of Pull Requests, and much more.

More info about supported SCM tool:

The GitHub Flow

Like most team of developers, we follow the GitHub flow to integrate new lines of code in our code base. This workflow follows these rules:

  • Anything in the master branch is always deployable.
  • Create a new branch based on master for each new feature or fix.
  • Commit your changes on this new branch and push them to origin remote.
  • When you need feedback, help or you think the branch is ready for merging, open a pull request.
  • After someone else has reviewed and signed off the patch, you can merge it into master.
  • Once it is merged and pushed to master on the origin, you can and should deploy immediately.

Our deep SCM integration aims at automating this workflow.

The SCM Integration

The SCM Integration is available in the “Code” section of your dashboard.

To enable the SCM integration features on your Scalingo app, you first need to link it to a repository hosted on one of our compatible SCM integrations. You can only link your app to a repository that you owned or which is owned by one of your organizations.

Under the hood, we will add a webhook on your repository that will notify the Scalingo platform for each event generated in your repository life cycle: like “Push”, “New pull/merge request”, etc.

After having linked your application to an SCM-hosted repository, the “Code” section of your dashboard is composed of two mains parts: Auto Deploy and Review Apps.


You can configure your Scalingo application to be automatically deployed whenever a commit occurs on a given branch. This is especially useful, for instance, if you want the application to always be in sync with the production branch of your repository.

You may have Continuous Integration (CI) tools associated with your repository like CodeShip, Travis CI or Github Actions which run tasks, tests or whatever. We will always wait that all these tools succeed before deploying your app.

You can also manually trigger a deployment of your application from any branch.

Review Apps

Review apps are an awesome tool to discuss about new features with your teammates. Whenever you create a new Pull Request (or Merge Request in the GitLab world), you can create a new application, called a Review App, with the code of the new feature. It is then easy to share the result of your work! If you push a modification to the Pull/Merge Request, it will automatically be deployed in your Review App.

When the Pull/Merge Request is closed, Scalingo automatically deletes the Review App.

You can either automatically create a new Review App for each Pull/Merge Request opened on your repository or manually deploy a Review App.

You can find more information about Review Apps on our documentation page.

This feature is related to pull/merge requests and has a dedicated documentation page.

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Source Code Management Integration, Auto Deploy and Review Apps

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