Deploy Directly from an Archive

Another way to deploy your application is to directly create a deployment from a code archive. This article explains how to use our API to achieve this operation to update your application.

The Workflow

  1. To deploy an application without Git or GitHub, you need to archive your application code in a tar.gz archive format.
  2. The archive has to be uploaded somewhere accessible in order to let the platform fetch the code during the deployment process. You can either upload it yourself directly or use the Sources resource of the API.
  3. From the created source, a property named download_url should be used in order to create a new Deployment resource for your application.

That’s it the deployment is starting, once finished with success it will replace the current containers with the new version of the code.

Create a Deployment resource with API

To deploy your archive, you have to make a POST request on[:app]/deployments:

curl -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -u ":$AUTH_TOKEN" \
  -X POST[:app]/deployments -d \
      "deployment": {
        "git_ref": "v0.0.2",
        "download_url": ""
  • The AUTH_TOKEN is a token authenticating the request, you can find tokens on your dashboard or from our API. Information are available here.

  • Replace [:app] by your application name which must be created in the first place. You can do that on our platform, with our CLI or by using directly our API .

  • The git_ref is optional. This attribute must provide any string identifying your archive.
  • The download_url is the link where our platform can download your archive.

Follow the deployment process

You can see your deployment progress and output in your dashboard, in the ‘Deployments’ section of your application, or using the deployments-follow command of our command line tool.

Create a Source for the Archive

If the code archive has to be uploaded from your workstation, you can optionally create a Source resource using the API. The source let you upload temporarily code archives to trigger deployments with them.

Create a Source

To create a source, you will have to make a POST request on

curl -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -u :$AUTH_TOKEN \
  -X POST -d ''

The response will look like:

  "upload_url": "",
  "download_url": ""

The source provide two important URL:

  • a upload_url: used to upload your code on the source.
  • a download_url: used to download the archive from the source.

Upload on the Source

To upload your data on the source, you have to make a PUT request on the source upload_url.

curl -L -X PUT --upload-file ./archive.tar.gz ''

More information here.

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