Configure Dynatrace to monitor Scalingo applications

Integration Purposes

Dynatrace is a SaaS product helping you to monitor your web applications. It provides APM (Application Performance Management) and cloud infrastructure monitoring to give you insights into how your application behaves, list potential performance bottlenecks, etc. It requires the Dynatrace agent to be run so that it sends monitoring data to the service. You can eventually build dashboards to visualize the different information gathered and get a better understanding of your application resources consumption.

Configuration of your Application on Scalingo

In order to install the Dynatrace agent, you must use a specific buildpack. Hence you need to configure your application to use a multi buildpack.

In the .buildpacks file at the root of your project, add the buildpack in first position. Then add your language specific buildpack.

The Dynatrace buildpack is configurable through various environment variables. The only mandatory ones are DT_TENANT and DT_API_TOKEN available from the Dynatrace PaaS integration setup page.

You can have a look at the buildpack’s README for a comprehensive list of available configuration options.

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Configure Dynatrace to monitor Scalingo applications

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