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The Scalingo model of configuration includes using the environment instead of writing hard-coded configuration files which are handled in the source code repository of a project. You can see and modify them from your dashboard or with our command line utility

Read a variable from the environment

To read an environment variable, you have to read from the $_ENV associative array. For instance if you want to read the variable MONGO_URL:

$mongo_url_str = $_ENV["MONGO_URL"];
$mongo_url = parse_url($mongo_url_str);

 * Then configure your app with
 *   Hostname:      $
 *   Port:          $mongo_url.port
 *   Username:      $mongo_url.user
 *   Password:      $mongo_url.pass
 *   Database Name: substr($mongo_url.path, 1) after removing prefixed '/'

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Access your app environment

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