Application Logs

Application’s logs are accessible through Scalingo CLI or through the web dashboard in the “Logs” tab:

Logs are automatically streaming to your browser.

If you need a bit of historical logs, you should use the Scalingo CLI with:

scalingo --app my-app logs --lines <number of log lines>

Just replace <number of log lines> with the amount of lines you want to display. If the logs you are interested in are too old, you might not be able to fetch them using the CLI.

Logs Archives

All your logs are archived by Scalingo for one year. When your log file grows bigger than 50M, we archive it. It is then available in the Logs Archive. Archived logs are not available anymore with the logs command of the CLI.

Back to the dashboard, logs archives are available in the “Logs” tab, under the “Archives” link. All your application logs since its creation are available here.

These archives are also accessible using the CLI:

scalingo --app my-app logs-archives

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