App Notifications

A notifier is a way for an application to notify about different events occurring during an application lifetime. Notifier are defined per application. You can find the settings into the “Notifications” tab of your app.

A notifier have:

  • a name: help you identify a notifier,
  • a communication channel: Slack, webhook, Rocket.Chat, email,
  • a list of events to react to. You can find a list of events below.

Whenever an event occurs in your application, a notification is sent through the user-defined communication channel.

You can refer to Slack documentation about “Incoming Webhooks” to help you set this channel up on Scalingo.

Note that notifiers are also used to send alerts generated by an application.

Note that Mattermost notifications require using the Slack notifier.

Events list

  • addon_db_upgraded: Addon database upgraded, A database addon was upgraded
  • addon_deleted: Addon deleted, An addon was deleted
  • addon_plan_changed: Addon plan changed, An addon plan was changed
  • addon_provisioned: Addon provisioned, An addon was provisioned
  • addon_resumed: Addon resumed, An addon was provisioned
  • addon_suspended: Addon suspended, An addon was suspended
  • app_alert_triggered: App alert triggered, An app alert was triggered
  • app_command_ran: App command ran, A command was ran in an app
  • app_crashed: App crashed, An app was crashed
  • app_crashed_repeated: App crashed repeated, An app was crashed. This event is sent on each crash.
  • app_deleted: App deleted, A command was ran in an app
  • app_deployed: App deployed, An app was deployed
  • app_renamed: App renamed, An app was renamed
  • app_restarted: App restarted, An app was restarted
  • app_scaled: App scaled, An app was scaled
  • app_stopped: App stopped, An app was stopped
  • app_transferred: App transferred, An app was transferred
  • collaborator_accepted: Collaborator accepted, A collaborator invitation was accepted
  • collaborator_invited: Collaborator invited, A collaborator was invited
  • collaborator_removed: Collaborator removed, A collaborator was removed
  • database_maintenance_planned: Database maintenance planned, A database maintenance has been planned
  • database_maintenance_started: Database maintenance started, A database maintenance has started
  • database_maintenance_completed: Database maintenance completed, A database maintenance has completed
  • domain_added: Domain added, A domain was added
  • domain_edited: Domain edited, A domain was edited
  • domain_removed: Domain removed, A domain was removed
  • github_link: GitHub link, A GitHub repository was linked to an app
  • github_unlink: GitHub unlink, A GitHub repository was unlinked from an app
  • notifier_added: Notifier added, A notifier was added
  • notifier_edited: Notifier edited, A notifier was edited
  • notifier_removed: Notifier removed, A notifier was removed
  • variable_added: Variable added, A variable was added
  • variable_bulk_edited: Variables bulk edited, Some variables were bulk edited
  • variable_edited: Variable edited, A variable was edited
  • variable_removed: Variable removed, A variable was removed

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App Notifications

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