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App Notifications

Notification can be defined per application. You can find the settings into the “Notification” tab of your app.

A notifier have:

  • a name
  • a communication channel (Slack, webhook, Rocket.Chat, email).
  • a group of events to react to (or a precise list of events)

Events list

  • addon_db_upgraded: Addon database upgraded, A database addon was upgraded
  • addon_deleted: Addon deleted, An addon was deleted
  • addon_plan_changed: Addon plan changed, An addon plan was changed
  • addon_provisioned: Addon provisioned, An addon was provisioned
  • addon_resumed: Addon resumed, An addon was provisioned
  • addon_suspended: Addon suspended, An addon was suspended
  • app_alert_triggered: App alert triggered, An app alert was triggered (no triggered at the moment, feature is in alpha)
  • app_command_ran: App command ran, A command was ran in an app
  • app_crashed: App crashed, An app was crashed
  • app_crashed_repeated: App crashed repeated, An app was crashed. This event is sent on each crash.
  • app_deleted: App deleted, A command was ran in an app
  • app_deployed: App deployed, An app was deployed
  • app_renamed: App renamed, An app was renamed
  • app_restarted: App restarted, An app was restarted
  • app_scaled: App scaled, An app was scaled
  • app_stopped: App stopped, An app was stopped
  • app_transferred: App transferred, An app was transferred
  • collaborator_accepted: Collaborator accepted, A collaborator invitation was accepted
  • collaborator_invited: Collaborator invited, A collaborator was invited
  • collaborator_removed: Collaborator removed, A collaborator was removed
  • domain_added: Domain added, A domain was added
  • domain_edited: Domain edited, A domain was edited
  • domain_removed: Domain removed, A domain was removed
  • github_link: GitHub link, A GitHub repository was linked to an app
  • github_unlink: GitHub unlink, A GitHub repository was unlinked from an app
  • notifier_added: Notifier added, A notifier was added
  • notifier_edited: Notifier edited, A notifier was edited
  • notifier_removed: Notifier removed, A notifier was removed
  • variable_added: Variable added, A variable was added
  • variable_bulk_edited: Variables bulk edited, Some variables were bulk edited
  • variable_edited: Variable edited, A variable was edited
  • variable_removed: Variable removed, A variable was removed

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