If you created an account on the Scalingo web dashboard by using GitHub authentication, login with the CLI requires you to take one of these actions:

  • Add a password to your account on the profile page.
  • Add a SSH key to your account on the dedicated page.
  • Add a token to your account on the profile page. Then use it to login with scalingo login --api-token <token>


For all subcommands:

  • You can use the environment variable SCALINGO_APP instead of using the --app flag
  • You can use the flag --region or the environment variable SCALINGO_REGION to let the CLI knows which region to use.
  • If your current directory is the base directory of your project and that your Git repository has a remote named scalingo, you don’t need to specify `–app `. It will be detected automatically.
  • If you want to specify a different remote name, you can do it by using --remote or -r flag followed by the name.
  • If you connect to the internet through a proxy, define the standard environment variables HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY with your proxy hostname and port (e.g.


Update the default region used by the CLI:

scalingo config --region osc-fr1

Application Detection

We try to detect automatically the name of your application according to:

  • SCALINGO_APP environment variable
  • -a|--app flag of the command line to specify an application name
  • -r|--remote flag of the command line to specify a remote Git
  • scalingo remote of your Git repository

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