Fill the Billing Profile

In order to provision larger than free tiers resources, or when your free trial is over, you need to fill your billing profile. Go to and fill the form.

Priority Between Means of Payment

Scalingo offers various means of payment and you can complete multiple of them in your billing profile. When a new bill is generated for your account, Scalingo charges the different means of payment in this order:

  • Scalingo Credit,
  • Credit Card,
  • Paypal,
  • SEPA.

How to pay via SEPA

If you check the requirement above or if it’s a blocker for you, contact us on the support at

What Happens in Case of Failed Payment?

It can happen that a payment of a bill fails. There are many reasons for that: credit card expiration, bank rejection… In such case, you need to update an existing payment method or add a new one. Then Scalingo automatically retry the payment and you are good to go!

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