Setup SSH on Linux

Check if you already have an available SSH key

ls ~/.ssh

If the files id_ed25519 and are in the ~/.ssh folder, you don’t need to follow this guide, you already have your SSH key.

Create a new SSH key pair

ssh-keygen -t ed25519

Follow the instructions to generate a new SSH key pair. You will be asked to encrypt your private key with a password. This step is optional but for further security you may want to set one.

By default, both private and public keys will be located in your $HOME/.ssh directory.

Add the public SSH key to Scalingo

To get the content of the public SSH key, you need to run the following command:

$ cat ~/.ssh/

The file content should start with ssh-ed25519

Once you have the public key, go to Scalingo Dashboard SSH key section and create a new key with the content of the public key.

Check everything is working

In a terminal, run the following command (depending on the region you need to access):

$ ssh -T


$ ssh -T

It should display the following output:

You've successfully authenticated on Scalingo, but there is no shell access

If it doesn’t, something has been done wrong. Please recheck the different step of this guide.

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Setup SSH on Linux

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