One Click Deploy

If you want to give people the opportunity to deploy your project instantly on Scalingo, you can setup a deploy button on your GitHub project or even on your website. A scalingo.json file is required at the root of your GitHub project in order to generate the deployment page.

At the moment, only public projects hosted on GitHub are supported.

Display a one-click deploy button

To do so, you will need to add a link to<Your account>/<Your project>.

By default it will deploy the branch master of your project, but you can optionally specify the branch you want to deploy by adding a ‘#’ followed by the branch itself, like shown below:<Your account>/<Your project>#custom_branch
  • Markdown implementation (
[![Deploy on Scalingo](](<Your account>/<Your project>#custom_branch)

Example: Deploy on Scalingo

  • HTML implementation
<a href="<Your account>/<Your project>#custom_branch">
   <img src="" alt="Deploy on Scalingo" data-canonical-src="" style="max-width:100%;">

Example: Deploy on Scalingo

Example manifest scalingo.json

  "name": "Sample Go Martini",
  "description": "Sample web application using the Go framework Martini",
  "logo": "",
  "repository": "",
  "website": "",
  "env": {
    "VAR_TEST_1": {
      "description": "test variable number 1",
      "value": "1"
    "VAR_SECRET_1": {
      "description": "generated variable 1",
      "generator": "secret"
  "addons": ["redis"]

You can find everything about the scalingo.json file on our API dedicated page.

Update the Application

To update your application to the latest version of your code, you can use an archive. GitHub is giving you access to an archive with this URL:<Your account>/<Your project>/archive/refs/heads/master.tar.gz

To deploy it, you simply have to run this command

scalingo --app my-app deploy<Your account>/<Your project>/archive/refs/heads/master.tar.gz

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One Click Deploy

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