How to migrate from Heroku

Scalingo is a Platform as a Service highly compatible with Heroku. It’s very easy to understand and you shouldn’t have any problem migrating your app from Heroku to Scalingo.

It is so easy that you can use heroku2scalingo, a tool to migrate a Heroku app to Scalingo.



./heroku2scalingo <herokuAppName>

It works by performing the following operations in the same order as below:

  • Authentication to Scalingo
  • Authentication to Heroku API
  • Creation of Scalingo app
  • Get/Set environment variables
  • git clone your Heroku app repository
  • git push scalingo master -> Auto-deployment using the Procfile


Other advanced operations are planned, for more informations take a look at the GitHub project.


You can download the latest version by following this link :

Advanced apps migration

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