Getting started with Metabase on Scalingo

Metabase is an open source tool to query your company data without writing SQL queries.

This tutorial will show you how to deploy a Metabase instance on Scalingo in under 5 minutes.

Metabase Deployment

We published a repository metabase-scalingo on GitHub to help you deploy Metabase on Scalingo. Deploying a Metabase instance is now at a click range:


Deployment by Cloning the Repository

You first need to create an application on Scalingo. Let’s say its name is my-app.

Then, clone our repository and add the Scalingo git remote:

$ git clone
$ cd metabase-scalingo
$ git remote add scalingo

You also need to add a PostgreSQL addon to your application. A “Starter 512” plan would be enough.

Last, deploy your application with:

$ git push scalingo master

Update the Application

To update your Metabase application to the latest version, you need to redeploy the last version of the code source.

Via this command for example:

scalingo --app my-app deploy

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Getting started with Metabase on Scalingo

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