Getting started with Metabase on Scalingo

Metabase is an open source tool to query your company data without writing SQL queries.

This tutorial will show you how to deploy a Metabase instance on Scalingo in under 5 minutes.

Metabase Deployment

We published a repository metabase-scalingo on GitHub to help you deploy Metabase on Scalingo. Deploying a Metabase instance is now at a click range:


Deployment by Cloning the Repository

You first need to create an application on Scalingo. Let’s say its name is my-app.

Then, clone our repository and add the Scalingo git remote:

$ git clone
$ cd metabase-scalingo
$ git remote add scalingo

You also need to add a PostgreSQL addon to your application. A “Starter 512” plan would be enough.

Last, deploy your application with:

$ git push scalingo master

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