Configure Sucuri to access Scalingo applications

Integration purposes

Sucuri is a SaaS product helping you to protect your applications against a wide variety of attacks. The role of Sucuri is to position itself between the users of your apps and your app instances themselves, located in Scalingo infrastructure.

Let’s Encrypt Certificate With Sucuri

Sucuri offers HTTPS termination so that your application is always reachable via HTTPS. However, in order to fully protect your application, you should use “Full SSL” mode. This mode requires Scalingo to generate a HTTPS certificate for your application. Scalingo uses Let’s Encrypt to generate a HTTPS certificate for your application with a custom domain.

To generate and renew Let’s Encrypt certificate, a specific route should be accessible in plain HTTP, under the path /.well-known/. To make this route reachable by Let’s Encrypt server, you need to enable “Forward Certificate Validation” in Sucuri dashboard.

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