Deployment of a Meteor application - Telescope

This guide will go through the deployment of a un-modified instance of Telescope, but if you’ve applied some modifications to it, it should work the same manner.


Before doing this tutorial you should have setup your environment:

Clone the Telescope Project

The first thing to do, if you haven’t done it, is to get the code of Telescope:

$ git clone
$ cd Telescope

Create an application on Scalingo

$ scalingo create my-app
Git repository detected: remote scalingo added
→ 'git push scalingo master' to deploy your app

Allocate a Scalingo for MongoDB® database

The Meteor framework uses extensively MongoDB® as a database. Hence you need to provision a new instance of this database to your application.

$ scalingo --app my-app addons-add mongodb mongo-sandbox
-----> Addon mongodb has been provisionned
       ID: my-app-1234
       Modified variables: [MONGO_URL SCALINGO_MONGO_URL]
       Message from addon provider: Database successfully created

Deploy your Telescope

$ git push scalingo master

Access your application

At the end of the deployment process, an URL is returned, you application is now live.

Waiting for your application to boot...
<-- -->

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Deployment of a Meteor application - Telescope

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