Consumption Reports

Your consumption report

Scalingo allows you to follow your consumption directly in your dashboard. Go to and you’ll see your consumption report for the current month.

Current or past periods

This report shows the consumption of all your applications for the current billing period and is updated daily at midnight UTC.

When a billing period is over and the invoice is issued, you can explore your consumption to identify the main cost drivers.

Please note that the consumption report document is not an invoice, but a breakdown of your consumption excluding VAT. It takes neither the free trial period nor any vouchers or credits into account .

Group consumption by app or ressource

Consumption are grouped by App by default. This makes it easy to identify which applications consume the most resources and represent the largest cost center.

You can also group your consumption by Resource to identify which represents the largest share of your invoice.

Export as CSV or JSON

We know how important it is for you to extract and integrate your data into your own information system. These consumption reports can be quickly and easily exported in CSV or JSON format.

Please note that the amounts in the CSV and JSON exports are in Euro cents, excluding VAT.

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Consumption Reports

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