Manage Go dependencies with dep

This tutorial explains how to deploy a Go application which is using dep to manage its dependencies. To handle the version management of the dependencies, please follow the offical dep guide, this page will focus on the deployment of the app.


During the deployment of a dep-ed application, entries in the Gopkg.toml files are used to give our deployment system the data required to deploy correctly the application:

  • metadata.scalingo['root-package'] (String): the root package name of the packages you are pushing to Scalingo.You can find this locally with go list -e .. There is no default for this and it must be specified.
  • metadata.scalingo['go-version'] (String): the major version of go you would like to use when compiling your code: if not specified, defaults to the most recent supported version of Go.
  • metadata.scalingo['install'] (Array of strings): a list of the packages you want to install. If not specified, this defaults to ["."]. Other common choices are: ["./cmd/..."] (all packages and sub packages in the cmd directory) and ["./..."] (all packages and sub packages of the current directory). The exact choice depends on the layout of your repository though. Please note that ./..., for versions of go < 1.9, includes any packages in your vendor directory.
  • metadata.scalingo['ensure'] (String): if this is set to false then dep ensure is not run.
  • metadata.scalingo['additional-tools'] (Array of Strings): a list of additional tools that the buildpack is aware of that you want it to install. If the tool has multiple versions an optional @<version> suffix can be specified to select that specific version of the tool. Otherwise the buildpack’s default version is chosen. Currently the only supported tool is at v3.0.0 (also the default version).

Here is an example with

  root-package = ""
  go-version = "go1.10.0"
  install = [ "./..." ]

Ignored vendor/ sub directories

The command dep ensure is run during the deployment. It means that if you haven’t checked in vendor dependencies in your Git repository they will be downloaded at that precise moment. Otherwise the command has no effect and your deployment will go on.

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Manage Go dependencies with dep

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