Access Your MongoDB® Database With Robo 3T


Databases hosted on Scalingo are not by default directly available on the Internet. There are a couple of ways to get access to a Scalingo hosted database: building an SSH tunnel and making the database available on the internet. More information in the dedicated page.

Configuration of Robo 3T

Connection via an Encrypted Tunnel

Robo 3T (formerly Robomongo) lets you configure this tunnel. We will guide through the steps to configure the connection to a Scalingo for MongoDB® instance through an encrypted tunnel.

The connection data can be found from the MONGO_URL environment variable of your application.

$ scalingo env | grep MONGO_URL

In this case:

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 31312
  • User: sample-node-meanjs-7093
  • Password: EsEjseivpacatVoogfijbiapgadTyg
  • Database: sample-node-meanjs-7093

Fill the fields accordingly:

The “Private key” to provide in the “SSH” tab is your private SSH key you uploaded on your Scalingo profile.

The “SSH Hostname” and “SSH Port” depends on the region your database is deployed on:

  • osc-fr1:
  • osc-secnum-fr1:

Validate the configuration and click on connect, that’s it.

Connection with TLS

As a replacement to using an encrypted tunnel to connect to your database, you can make it available on the internet from your database dashboard. You must first force TLS connections.

This is done in Robo 3T under the “SSL” tab:

The Certificate Authority for databases hosted on Scalingo is downloadable here:

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Access Your MongoDB® Database With Robo 3T

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