Access your MySQL® database with Workbench


Scalingo for MySQL® databases are not by default directly available on the Internet. To access it, a solution is to setup an encrypted tunnel.

MySQL® Workbench lets you configure this tunnel. We will guide through the steps to configure the connection to a Scalingo for MySQL® addon through an encrypted tunnel.

Database Configuration


The connection data can be found from the SCALINGO_MYSQL_URL environment variable of your application.

$ scalingo env | grep SCALINGO_MYSQL_URL

In this case:

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 30999
  • User: my_app_3030
  • Password: CaUrq1MdUkAzCSEq-1Fg
  • Database: my_app_3030

You first need to select “Standard TCP/IP over SSH” as “Connection Method”. Then, fill the fields accordingly:

Configuring SSH

The “SSH Key File” should target the private key associated to the public key you’ve added in the “SSH” tab on your Scalingo Profile.

The “SSH Username” is always git.

The “SSH Hostname” and “SSH Port” depends on the region your database is deployed on:

  • osc-fr1:
  • osc-secnum-fr1:

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Access your MySQL® database with Workbench

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