Access your MongoDB database with Robo 3T


Databases hosted on Scalingo are not directly available on the Internet. By default access to most databases are unencrypted, so insecure. Applications are on the same network than your database, but you can not connect your machine to it directly.

It is possible to use Robo 3T (formerly Robomongo), but you will have to setup first an encrypted access to your database.

Configuration of Robo 3T


As the tunnel is running, we are connecting to it, which is then a local connection:


The connection data can be found from the MONGO_URL environment variable of your environment:

$ scalingo env | grep MONGO_URL

In this case:

  • User: test-1234
  • Password: EsEjseivpacatVoogfijbiapgadTyg
  • Database: test-1234

Fill the fields accordingly:


As your user doesn’t not have the permission to list the databases, you have to specify the name of your database.


Validate the configuration and click on connect, that’s it.

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