Manage your Account

The configuration of your account is done using the dashboard. The following sections are reachable from the top right menu:


Personal information can be managed from this page. It includes changing username/email/password as well as configuring Scalingo’s newsletter subscription.

On this page, the API token associated to your account is available. This token let you authenticate to our API if you need to build tools to manage the platform in a programmable way. Have a look at our API documentation to learn how to use it.

Account deletion is located here. The action is possible only once your account does not own any application anymore, make sure to delete them all first.

SSH Keys

SSH keys serve as a means of identifying yourself to Scalingo’s git server. Each time a deployment is triggered using the git push command, your account need to be authenticated with one of your SSH Keys.

Learn how to configure your SSH key for your operating system


Configure your payment methods in this section. The platform support 3 methods:

  • Debit/Credit card payments: the beginning of each month, the platform charges on the cards what has been consumed the month before.

  • Prepaid credit bought with PayPal: buy credit in advance and we’ll use them to pay the invoices. Payment fallback on the bank card if there is not enough credit to pay an invoice.

  • SEPA payment: for customers located in the European Union, SEPA debit can be used to pay invoices, an electronic SEPA mandate is generated during the setup process.

Payment history can also be found on this page, including links to download your past invoices.


Scalingo embeds a referral program: recommend us and share your referral link, you’ll get discounts worth of 20% of the invoices amount received by the people you’ve invited, each month during 12 months.


All the activities attached to your account are present in this view. It gathers events you have done to your account applications, owned or as collaborators, and those related to your account directly (i.e. Add/Remove SSH Key). Events achieved by application collaborators are not present here, go to the application’s timeline to get them.

schedule 26 Jan 2018