Stacks (Operating System Images)

Applications on Scalingo are executed inside a Docker container. This Docker container is maintained by Scalingo and based on an image of a well-known Linux distribution.

Scalingo currently supports two stacks based on Ubuntu:

Stack Base Distribution Supported Until
scalingo-14 Ubuntu 14.04 November 2019
scalingo-18 Ubuntu 18.04 April 2023

All Scalingo buildpacks officially supported by Scalingo are compatible with all stacks.

The default stack for all newly created applications is scalingo-18.

Viewing Stack Used by your Application

The stack used by your application is available using Scalingo CLI:

scalingo --app my-app apps-info
|    SETTINGS    |    VALUE    |
| Stack          | scalingo-18 |

Migrating to a New Stack

You can view the list of available stacks with Scalingo CLI:

scalingo stacks

You might need to update your code before switching to a new app. Best solution to test your application for this change is to create a review app and add a scalingo.json file containing:

  "stack": "scalingo-18"

Make sure your review app deploys successfully and works flawlessly. Once your application is ready for the new stack, switch to the last stack with:

scalingo --app my-app stacks-set scalingo-18

Then redeploy your application:

git commit --allow-empty -m "Upgrading to scalingo-18"
git push scalingo master

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