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Deploy to Scalingo from Semaphore

To setup Continuous Deployment from Semaphore to Scalingo, please follow the official guide which will take you through the mandatory steps. This documentation page adds some information for the step 3 Write your deploy commands of the Semaphore guide.

Setup Deploy Commands

# Add Scalingo as a known host
ssh-keyscan -H -p 22 >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts

# Push the branch you've setup on Semaphore
git push --force $BRANCH_NAME:master

SSH Keys

To deploy to Scalingo from Semaphore, you’ll have to add your private key to the Semaphore interface. You will also need to add the public key to the SSH Keys page on Scalingo dashboard.

We recommend to generate a new key pair for integrating Semaphore with Scalingo.

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