Erlang is officially supported on the platform.

It uses Rebar or Rebar3.

Configure your Scalingo App

$ scalingo create my-app

Nothing else.

Select an Erlang version

The Erlang/OTP release version that will be used to build and run your application is now sourced from a dotfile called .preferred_otp_version. It needs to be the branch or tag name from the repository, and further, needs to be one of the versions that precompiled binaries are available for.

Currently supported OTP versions:

  • OTP-
  • OTP-23.3.2 *

To select the version for your app:

$ echo OTP-22.2.7 > .preferred_otp_version
$ git commit -m "Select 22.2.7 as preferred OTP version" .preferred_otp_version

Build your Scalingo App

$ git push scalingo master

You may need to write a new commit and push if your code was already up to date.


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