Start Errors

After creating the container image of your application, it is deployed in our infrastructure. The following errors may happened if your application is not configured correctly.

If something wrong happens, you should first look at the logs of your app. In most cases, all the information you need is displayed here.

Boot Timeout

When started on our servers, your application has 60 seconds to bind the port defined by the environment variable PORT. After this delay, we consider that your application is not able to boot and this error happens.

Common causes

  • The server is not listening on the port defined by the environment variable PORT. Then your application is running correctly but it is not reachable.

Crash of the application

When your application starts, it may stop unexpectedly for various reasons related to your project.

Common causes

  • Syntax error and import error in your code. Make sure that your project is working correctly locally before deploying it on our platform. If it doesn’t, it won’t be better here.
  • The database link is badly configured. If you are using our built-in database addons, we create an environment variable with a name following this scheme: SCALINGO_{DB_TYPE}_URL. Your application must use this value or you can rename it to fit your needs.
schedule 26 Aug 2014