Build Errors

When your application is deployed, the dependencies are gathered and are packaged into an application image

Invalid return code from buildpack

You application image is built using a buildpack (List of buildpacks). If the buildpack exits with an error, it is probably linked to your project. You should be able to see the content of the error in your console. Then adapt your code according to it.

If you think the error comes from our buildpacks, feel free to contact us and we will fix it as soon as we can.

Image too large

The maximal size of an application image is 650MB. If your assets, your dependencies and the code of your application weigh more than this limit, different solutions are available to lighten the image of your application:

  • Try to remove unused external dependencies or assets.
  • Define a .slugignore file to exclude files from the image.

If you absolutely need all these data, please contact us at

Why this quota? Besides being a simple security limit, this quota is also present to preserve the PaaS user experience. A large image results in longer deployments, the instantaneity aspect is lost.
schedule 24 Mar 2015