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Release of 1.0.0-beta1


  • Windows, password: don’t display password in clear
  • Windows, db-tunnel: Correctly handle SSH key path with -i flag
  • Send OS to one-off containers (for prompt handling, useful for Windows)
  • Fix EOF error when writing the password
  • Fix authentication request to adapt the API
  • Correctly handle 402 errors (payment method required) #90
  • Project is go gettable go get
  • Fix GIT remote detection #89
  • Correctly handle 404 Error, display clearer messages #91
  • More documentation for the run command - Fixed #79
  • Rewrite API client package, remove unsafe code - Fixed #80
  • Allow environment variable name or value for db-tunnel as argument
  • Extended help for db-tunnel - Fixed #85
  • Ctrl^C doesn’t kill an run command anymore - Fixed #83
  • –app flag can be written everywhere in the command line - Fixed #10
  • Use SSH agent if possible to get SSH credentials
  • Correcty handle encrypted SSH keys (AES-CBC and DES-ECE2) - Fixed #76, #77

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