What should I do with unpaid invoices


Invoices are tagged unpaid in your billing page


Each month, An invoice from the previous month consumption in the platform is generated. Summing up all the things you’ve used on Scalingo, it includes:

  • Application containers runtime
  • Application addons

If you bought prepaid-credit with Paypal and that you’ve not enough credit to pay the invoice, the invoice will be considered unpaid and you have to add more credit.

If you added a payment card, the platform tries to charge it when the invoice is generated. If the operation fails, the invoice will be considered unpaid. The charge operation is then retried everyday for 5 days in the case where it was a temporary problem.

In both case, if an invoice is unpaid for 5 days your account will be suspended, you’ve to either add prepaid credit or change the payment card during this period. The newly added payment method will directly be used to pay the unpaid invoice.

schedule 05 Jan 2017